Enlightenment Productions | And the SAFTA goes to…
Enlightenment Productions is an award-winning film and TV production company based in London and founded in partnership between producer Hanan Kattan and writer and director Shamim Sarif.
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And the SAFTA goes to…

And the SAFTA goes to…


SAFTA night in Pretoria, South Africa, and my first challenge was getting in and out of a car while wearing a long black dress and (sort of) heels while being broadcast on live television. Are there schools for this?  Or an evening course?! The nominees were put into a series of Mercedes and then driven around to the front of the theatre where – wait for it – people screamed as Hanan and I got out of the car onto the red carpet. Had they noticed a ladder in my tights? Did my make-up free face scare them?! No, they screamed for everyone, it turned out.

We were accosted by an excitable TV interviewer. ‘Don’t worry,’ Hanan had told me in the car. ‘Just talk about the film.’ I had this in mind when her first question came. ‘Who designed that dress?’ I had no idea. I only know I’ve worn it to the last 5 black tie things I’ve had to go to…I thought things could only improve with the next question and smiled bravely. ‘Ladies, you look so stunning, where are your men?’ Oh dear.

But it was a great night, and I was so happy Hanan was there. we swept the awards, winning at least 8 and possibly 10 (once the editing and sound are confirmed). David Dennis (Jacob), Grethe Fox (Madeleine) and Natalie Becker (Farah) were there from the cast, and I was so happy that production design, costume design and cinematography won too. Very well deserved. We staggered home (heels in hands) around 1am. A memorable way to celebrate our 13th anniversary.

Shamim Sarif