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Drama, drama, drama!

Drama, drama, drama!

So after the acclaim comes the drama! A popular TV show here in South Africa called Top Billing asked me to do their show, and then cancelled at the 11th hour because of the content of The World Unseen  (ie the central relationship between Amina and Miriam).

This stance was leaked to the gay and lesbian groups here, and they have already provoked a response from Top Billing, which was that the show is a ‘family show’ about ‘family values’ and The World Unseen, while a great story, would be better suited to an ‘adult-only’ programme.

I’ve been asked for a reply, and considered whether or not to address this, but felt this issue is at the core of what The World Unseen is about, so have sent the following quote via our publicist here.

‘I was disappointed that the slot on The World Unseen was cancelled by Top Billing. While I am aware that any TV show is a business that has to cater to its audience, I would ask all companies with influence on the media in South Africa to keep in mind that they hold a powerful position and have the opportunity to encourage openness and dialogue by perhaps pushing the envelope a little now and then. The World Unseen is very much about challenging convention, about daring to think a little differently, about optimism and the capacity for change. It would be wonderful to feel that my characters are judged according to their core human values and their actions, rather than innate characteristics such as colour or sexuality. The character of Amina in The World Unseen is a dynamic, charismatic, intelligent woman who happens to be gay. Her values are in no way in conflict with ‘family values’ in the sense that she has great integrity, honour and kindness.’

Let me know what your views are…

Shamim Sarif
  • ShamimSarifFrance
    Posted at 11:14h, 16 July
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  • Alenette
    Posted at 18:14h, 26 September

    “The character of Amina in The World Unseen is a dynamic, charismatic, intelligent woman who happens to be gay. Her values are in no way in conflict with ˜family values” in the sense that she has great integrity, honour and kindness.”—- enough said! <3

  • Serendy
    Posted at 19:01h, 07 August

    it is very sad to see that there is an apartheid still at work against homosexuality, and that the sole mention of a same sex love can cause the cancelation of the participation of the movie in that particular show. The carachter of amina, as you said, is full of moral values, of ideals like equality, love, understanding, she is some one willing to risk her life to protect people she barely knows just because life is so precious. If that is not an example of moral values I dont know what is. And if they were worried about explicit sex scenes (which I dont condemn) there are none, just two beutifull and tender kisses. There is still much fight left. (excuse my english, is not my first languaje)

  • spring_cat
    Posted at 04:35h, 13 July

    I'm sorry for hear about it. I totally admire of you that you persist on your films ,your novels,and your views.Lesbian is nothing to fear. It's OK. The films came from your novels should be deeply to think.
    In some sides ,i can understand why your great story was suited to adults programme only. The major of the society is belong to man and woman. In a small part, it contains our lesbians.So, maybe the parents fear some gay films will affect their kids' minds .You know, a lot of habits and sexual orientation depend on childhood.
    So, just do yourself and relax and do some romance to your wife.

  • heqingyi
    Posted at 01:10h, 25 May

    我看了The World Unseen 的小说。
    我觉得Amina 是个非常善良而又丈义,有能力的女孩子。