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Enlightenment Productions is an award-winning film and TV production company based in London and founded in partnership between producer Hanan Kattan and writer and director Shamim Sarif.
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Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Back from Toronto and some fabulous meetings for our next movie (‘Despite the Falling Snow’ since you ask…) And no, we never even got to see any movies! A few movie stars though, in hotel bars and lobbies…I am working super fast in at my desk in EP HQ today specifically so I can BLOG (remember when I used to blog 🙂 on the weekend. Have a good Friday and see you tomorrow…

Shamim Sarif
  • ShamimSarifOfficialFrenchBlog
    Posted at 19:46h, 18 September
  • rosita
    Posted at 18:50h, 16 September

    In The World Unseen, I was extremely moved by the scene between Myriam and Amina in which Lisa Ray says to Amina “Every time I see you, I wish you could stay………..Forever”. I have seen very many touching and moving scenes in many films, but I can tell you that Never, Never was I so moved. And the deliverance of those lines, the emotion in Lisa’s voice deserved an Oscar. I was so moved that I wrote these humble verses that I dedicate to you and Lisa and Sheetal. Please accept:           Forever
                                               Love is sacrifice and glory,
                                               Love is saying you are sorry,
                                               Love is caring, more than ever,
                                               For you now and then …….Forever

  • rosita
    Posted at 18:34h, 16 September

    Can’t wait for your next film,” Despite the Falling Snow.”With all you do, how do you have time to blog and tweet, so sweet.
    . You are fabulous in so many ways, dear Madame Sharif.

  • Kritika
    Posted at 07:18h, 15 September

    all the best shamim…for your movie…looking forward to ur blog..hope u will write soon…as ur fans always waiting for ur blog…cheers

  • rosita
    Posted at 22:39h, 14 September

    You are a fantastic writer but how did you become such a great film Director. I know talent is talent, but did you improve it by studying or it was all self taught.? I have some suggestions for films that could be made on the theme of love frustration in women , are you interested.  Je vous remerci, en avance, Cher Madame

  • Claudia
    Posted at 16:39h, 14 September

     …. The juggling act at its best?? 🙂 Looking forward to a much needed blog!! By the way, I came across your short story, “First Light on the River.”  Any more short stories for download purchases? #LiteraryInsightOfShamimSarif

  • Roma
    Posted at 13:33h, 14 September

    thanks a lot for writing after a long time….. hope you will continue again, all the very best Shamim