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Enlightenment Productions is an award-winning film and TV production company based in London and founded in partnership between producer Hanan Kattan and writer and director Shamim Sarif.
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The House of Tomorrow Remix

The House of Tomorrow Remix

Loving this music video cut by a very talented young editor, Mercy Ankama, who also did our behind-the-scenes video for The House of Tomorrow. This remix of the title song was composed by Claire Griffiths who composed an entire, brilliant score for the movie, and Hanan added lyrics that encompassed some of the key ideas and themes from The House of Tomorrow movie. Then, of course, she bundled Luca, Ethan and us into EP HQ, soundproofed with blankets, to record the voiceovers. Home made but darned good, if you ask me. The DVD of The House of Tomorrow should be out soon. If this video has whet your appetite for the soundtrack, it’s already on iTunes. Hope you enjoy it.


Shamim Sarif
  • Un Remix pour The House Of Tomorrow | Le blog français de Shamim Sarif
    Posted at 11:42h, 15 November

    […] Article original : The House Of Tomorrow Remix […]

  • ShamimSarifOfficialFrenchBlog
    Posted at 10:50h, 15 November

    VF : http://shamimsariffrance.wordp… . Just love it. Many talented young artists around you, the amount is growing up faster than olive trees….

  • Nell Aucoin Naquin
    Posted at 15:52h, 13 November

    Love this.  Just purchased and I'm listening as I write.  Especially loving “1940's Israel.”  And, of course, I already know and love “Holy Daughter.”  Looking forward to getting to know all of this music better and await the release of the documentary!  Thanks.

    • shamimsarif
      Posted at 15:49h, 14 November

      Nell, you are amazing! Thanks also for your kind sponsorship of the I Can't Think Straight series (http://www.icantthinkstraight.tv) – much appreciated. Outside chance we'll get to New Orleans this time next year…

      • Nell Aucoin Naquin
        Posted at 18:55h, 14 November

        Okay, so what can I do in a year to turn the “outside chance” into a sure thing?  🙂

  • flintsuter
    Posted at 15:16h, 13 November

    I know I want to purchase this DVD as soon as it is available, so will be watching for notice you have it for sale on your site! Loving the music!

    • shamimsarif
      Posted at 15:49h, 14 November

      Yes, we'll let you know on that – shouldn't be long!