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I Can’t Think Straight film – Production Notes

I Can’t Think Straight is novelist and screenwriter Shamim Sarif’s first outing as a director, a romantic comedy where both lead protagonists are women, and where the cultural backdrop forms an intelligent base for their journey towards self-awareness and each other.

The screenplay is based on Shamim Sarif’s third novel I Can’t Think Straight which was published in October 2008 and is available in our online shop.

Enlightenment’s first completed feature was The World Unseen, which had acclaimed premieres at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and the London Film Festival and went on to winning over 20 international awards including World Best Director for Shamim Sarif at Phoenix Film Festival and 11 South African Film & Television Awards.

I Can’t Think Straight has been described as a “Working Title-style romantic comedy with a twist,” explains producer Hanan Kattan. “I think the London summertime setting, and the overcoming of obstacles to the love story make I Can’t Think Straight a feel-good movie in the traditional style. But the girl meets girl storyline and the cultural references lend it an edgy, contemporary intelligence too.”

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