Hello Shamim’s fans and happy 2013

It has become a tradition that once a year I take over Shamim’s blog to do a guest blog. But I did not do so last year as my lovely wife has not been blogging. I sympathise just a little bit, as I have not stopped loading her with even more things to do. So my Renaissance Wife and Superwoman Shamim could not make time to write many blogs last year. She promises that this will change (though her workload will not!) and I hope she does, for all of our sakes, as it is a waste of her amazing talent not to write. Anyone can do all the other things in life that we all do but few are blessed to have the creativity and poetry to write and direct as beautifully and elegantly as Shamim does.
I’ve also been accused in the past (and rightly so, if I may add) of my very long lists of To Dos.   So, instead, I decided to summarise my thoughts – the things we’ve learned along the way, ideas and things we aspire to be – and yes – to do this ALL in one single chart. On a plane last summer, it all came to me suddenly and I started drawing and writing ferociously, while Shamim stared at me, worried I had lost my sanity.
And then, voila, I gave Shamim the “Sarif-Kattan Life Mastery” to give me her input and feedback and to share it with our boys. Thankfully one of our lovely interns was able to re-create it for me on her computer and when I presented it to the boys, Ethan looked at it and immediately declared that it did not make much sense and that it did not flow as it should!
As she is always thinking of her fans, my lovely wife then decided it would be a lovely gift to share with her fans in case it inspires – or confuses!
Regardless of the outcome, I can’t now be accused of being long-winded with long spread sheets and a list of to dos. I managed to summarise our philosophy and what we aspire to be, do and have into one page, which is not as simple as it looks. So I congratulate myself for this achievement. Shamim still can’t get over how I managed to turn one simple sheet into one that is so complex.  Luckily for me, and after all the teasing, she really appreciates it; or at least, I think she does!
So Happy New Year and I hope my very simple, easy to understand and definitely not confusing Sarif-Kattan Life Mastery chart will inspire you even through the confusion! Enjoy and feel free to share.