[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hanan has headed off to Austin for 6 days. Why would she do such a thing, I hear you cry? Well, it’s either a line dancing course or a ‘4 Day MBA’. I’ll let you decide which is most likely. Finally, someone has been thoughtful enough to make a one year business course exactly the right length to suit my speeded up wife, and all she has to do is fly to Texas and wear boots and a stetson (though I believe that last part may be optional).

Of course, her departure has left me in charge of the business, the edit of Despite the Falling Snow, all spreadsheets (from accounting all the way to the kid’s schedules) and the children. Piece of cake, I thought. While my beloved wife is in the Lone Star state, my plans were:

1. To have all the accounts perfect for her return

2. To master the art of the school pick up

3. To drink wine and read the International New York Times cover to cover

OK that last one stems from the fact that I think a well balanced life involves a little down time, whereas for Hanan, down time means revisiting one’s life goals and breaking them down into achievable action items.

LET_7270-copy-624x416It’s basically day 3 since she departed so I thought I review of my goals above is in order:

I strode into the office determined to solve the spreadsheet hell that we were all dissolving into. Except everyone had a question about something. Now, in our family, the deal is that I answer questions when on stage in a Q&A, preferable surrounded by adoring fans and audience members who think I am a genius at writing and directing. All other questions (work, school, goals, pick up times, what to wear – always a black T shirt if you were wondering) are fielded by my wife. Except she wasn’t here. I took a breath and tried to be decisive and focussed. A succession of Enlightenment Productions and EBS Digital people left my office looking slightly confused, which I told myself was only to be expected as they wound their way down the path to perfect understanding. And the spreadsheets all look good though, meaning colours and columns are perfect. Content, however, is still to be decided.

School pick ups. After the office, this would be easy. Drive to school (yes, I know where it is) and pick up at allotted time. I did that, but then found there was no parking. Was I meant to sit on a double yellow line and wait? Did the children know to come outside? Were they allowed to? Desperately, I made a U turn and fought another mother for a parking space half a mile away. Then I ran into school where they were waiting. And starving apparently. ‘Snacks?’ was the greeting I got. Panicked I looked at my empty hands.

‘Mama always brings us snacks,’ Luca said, clutching his caved in, empty stomach.

‘Like what?’

‘An apple and cucumbers and carrots. In sticks, ready to eat.’

While I inwardly marvelled at the way my wife had brainwashed our kids into healthy eating, I outwardly promised them crisps and a croissant as soon as we got home. That seemed to help and we made it, just in time for me to get 20 more emails from work about the spreadsheets.

Drink wine and read the newspaper. Ha. I’ll get back to you on that one.

I just got a Skype from Hanan that read – ‘Can you get me home a day earlier?’

Is the Pope Catholic?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]