Enlightenment Productions | Charities
Enlightenment Productions is an award-winning film and TV production company based in London and founded in partnership between producer Hanan Kattan and writer and director Shamim Sarif.
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The Sarif-Kattan Foundation was set up by Hanan Kattan and Shamim Sarif with the aim of supporting women and children in particular, with a special focus on health and education.

The Foundation has worked to create film premieres for the benefit of charities such as the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

The Foundation was also a primary sponsor of TedxHolyLand, a unique TED conference that brought together Palestinian and Israeli women in East Jerusalem. The Foundation also helped create a documentary, The House of Tomorrow, inspired by that event.http://www.enlightenment-productions.com/blog/portfolio_page/the-house-of-tomorrow-film/